about me


I’m a New Yorker who, characteristically, can’t stop talking or writing. I’ve been featured in BlogHer, Motherly,, Postpartum Progress, Fraser Valley Lifestyle Magazine, and various ghost writing projects. I took a break for a long time when my life imploded, and I jumped ship to Canada. Way far-from-home Canada. Vancouver, to be exact. A tiny farm town outside of Vancouver, to be precise. I was a single mother with my own rough story, but I’m here now as a bonafide wedded woman, responsible for two kids, two dogs, a cat, and a tiny home.

Sometimes I get thoughtful and write about topics that are heavy or passionate. This includes feminism, religion, diversity, ethics, and more. When I’m not being all that profound, I do love a good fluff piece. Beauty, skincare, hair, food, you name it.

A word of warning: This is a safe space for all walks of life. My website is an inclusive platform and supportive of equality. Before you get settled in, you should know: I don’t tolerate hate speech or bigotry, racism, body shaming, slut shaming, or any other form of narrow-minded abuse.


Disclaimer: All thoughts on Lee Abrahams are my own and are not endorsed by anyone else. Sometimes I may receive products in exchange for a review, but thoughts and opinions are solely my own. These posts, as well as sponsored posts, will always be disclosed.

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