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Current Podcast List & July Goals

Hey friends! My husband and I just got back from a peaceful, chaotic, hot AF trip to New York to see friends and family, and we’re finally getting back into normal routine. I’m way late into my July Podcast list and intentions because of it, but here’s a glimpse at what I’m listening to.


Up and Vanished, Payne Lindsey – Told by a documentary filmmaker-turn-amateur sleuth, Up and Vanished is a cold-case investigation into the disappearance of teacher and beauty contestant Tara Grinstead. Payne interviews multiple people surrounding the Georgia tragedy and dives deep into evidence from a disappearance that rocked the entire community.

Thoughts: I’m withholding final judgment until I’m done, but so far it’s pretty rad. It’s storytelling with haunting music, creative editing, and a journalistic flair that errs on the side of bias. Payne sometimes has a hard time being objective, and often goes down unnecessary rabbit holes, making some episodes linger too long. However, at approximately 30 minutes each, they are digestible enough to maintain intrigue.


LoreAaron Mahnke – If campfire storytelling was digitized, it’d be in the form of this podcast. Aaron dives into the history behind common folklore and shares what are essentially ghost stories. With their nonfiction context, each episode gives us a deeper insight to the darker side of humanity. It’s chilling and awesome, and the horror-history buff in me nerds out with every episode. Also, I drift off to sleep listening to these sometimes not because they’re boring, but because Aaron’s voice is soothing.

Thoughts: I’m still pretty new to the podcast, but so far, so good. Aaron’s voice and style of speaking are reminiscent of a young William Shatner, but it only took an episode or two to get used to it. Now I dig his voice a lot.


My Favorite Murder, Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark – This is my favorite Podcast, hands down, bar none. I only shuffled it further down the list because basically everyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan, and they probably would have stopped reading if I led with MFM off the bat. This show is technically a comedy, but full of true-crime, feminism, body-acceptance, victim justice, and more. Each week, the ladies present an intriguing murder (which has now extended to kidnapping, ‘I survived’ tales, and the just plain creepy) and discuss the details and their ideas. It’s very fascinating, comforting, and also hilarious.

Thoughts: I kind of listed them above, but one of the reasons I love this show is because so often, victims (primarily female) are not given dignity. It’s always about ‘what she could have done to avoid being killed’, and G&K destroy that mindset. I’ll be catching them live in Vancouver this fall, and I’m PUMPED.


I realize all three podcasts are basically depressing, horror-filled content, but that’s my jam. I live for that stuff. I know it’s summer right now and everything is supposed to be positive and uplifting, but maybe I’m just in a mood because I miss fall already. I dislike summer greatly and get seasonal depression this time of year because I don’t do well in heat at all, and miss my cooler weather at all times. It sounds silly, but it’s true. I love my sunshine and some mild warmth, but not intense heat that often smacks us for three months. We make it work and have our fun, but my entire household is excited when summer is gone. All of us are little vampires.

For the month of July, I have set three simple goals:

  • Complete another round of 21 Day Fix. This is a workout program that I enjoy doing, in conjunction with jiu jitsu and walking my dog. I don’t follow the meal program because I see a nutritionist myself, but I love setting workout challenges to keep my anxiety lower. I finished Day 2 today.
  • Paint trim around my house and potentially paint the cupboards. We’ll see if we can decide on how we want to fix up the kitchen first.
  • Take the kids to the lake at least twice a week. This is going to be a tough one to follow, but I really think they would be happier and less restless for it. Living close to a lake means I don’t have an excuse!

Other longterm goals: get a bike. I have a bike trailer and would really love if I could take the girls places with it without using my car. It’s a great way to exercise and have some fun with the kids, and we have all sorts of beautiful trails right outside our door. Also, I know it’s summer and we want to do all the things, but I am taking rest where I can. Today I didn’t have my phone on me all morning, and actually napped when my kid did. I napped! For the first time in like a year.

What are you guys getting up to for the month of July?

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