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I’ve written under a lot of blogs since I was thirteen, and a lot of that time was spent trying to get my shit together, and figure out who I am and what I want to write about. I moved to Canada five years ago, retired the blogging, and ghost-wrote for other publications (and was syndicated on others as a guest writer). I’m still kicking around on the internet for some of my favorite haunts, but it’s time I return to my own home.

For those of you who followed my new-ish previous blog, The Minimalist Fox, I lost the domain once I moved to a much more streamlined and efficient platform. I took this as a sign and spent many days deciding just how I want to firmly present myself, and the solution suddenly became simple. Regardless of where life takes me, one thing will remain: I am Lee Abrahams.

A lot of people on my personal FB raised an eyebrow when I shortened my name from Kylie to Lee, but friends and family have been supportive and are adjusting. I never liked my full name and after years of wanting to do something about it, I just did. So now I’m Lee, and here I am. I’ve been obsessed with pin-up girls (Vargas is a favorite artist of mine), trashy vintage novel covers, and myth lit since I was a kid. I majored in history, so naturally I read a lot, which inspired me to create a book tab where you can see the things I’m reading, have read, or want to read. It’s a very young list that is frequently updated, and the previously read list would take me hours to curate. Books are tucked under our couch, on shelves, in boxes, on and inside the dresser and closet, squeezed in windows, and more, so the likelihood that I’m going to list all of them is slim. I’d say we have a problem, but my husband and I just can’t let go of them. We live tiny, so that’s why it’s like a messy library in here. I keep my dreams alive and my succulents dead, and if you give me a mic to speak at an event, I might sing. I’m a New Yorker and I reference it often, not because of ego, but because my identity is so tightly woven into where I come from, and I’m proud as shit (so I guess some ego). I also have a mild, irrational fear that if I don’t vocally remind myself of my roots, I’ll forget them. I live 3,000 miles away and it can be hard, but I’m happy. I have everything I need here, and take frequent trips home to water the soul and give it some shine.

Because I love supporting local, and choose ethical where I can (I’m not perfect), you’ll find a tab showcasing the brands I love. They range from skincare to clothing to accessories and more, and you just might find your next obsession if you take a browse. I will be adding to that list frequently, and at present time, am not partnered with any of those brands. If I am, I will be very transparent about it. These are simply companies I love, whether it’s their ethics or style, and sharing is caring. Want to work with me? You’ll find a contact form where you can get that process going. Let’s collaborate!

The fact that you’re here, reading this, and willing to stand by and watch the fireworks means a lot to me. Thank you, as always, for everything you do.

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